celebrate complexity

Super Cell Thunderstorms

The grandeur and complexity of weather is so often missed. When I figure out how to live parallel lives, I’ll add ‘meteorology’ to my studies. Meanwhile CHAD COWAN captures super cell thunderstorms. Amazing to watch. I know the experience from my life on the prairies of Alberta and the deserts of Western Australia. Phenomenal.

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Complexity . . . Hallelujah!

What I love . . . what fuels me and keeps me alive . . . is complexity.  I haven’t always known this. In fact I almost lost myself in naive attempts to embrace ‘simplicity’.  Overlooking (and underfeeling) the obvious.

I am a complex being.  Drawn to the beauty of intricate systems, expanding and intersecting ideas, unusual people and variety. These excite and sustain my nervous system.

They light my fire. They give me life.

facet.me is my celebration of the complex.

My recent trip to Manhattan lit my fire.  Nothing captures it as well as this image, my take on the fabulous Body Worlds exhibition there.


Welcome to my world

Welcome to facet.me

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Are you in the mood for snippets of wonder and beauty? Intriguing ideas? Creative genius, the wonders of nature, words that inspire? That’s what facet.me is all about. Join in. It’s my way of sharing what I love.